Our organisation is part of the Hungarian Association of Physics Students and represents the physics students of the Eötvös University in Budapest. We have several programs during the semesters. Our two main programs are the Lecture Club in every three weeks and the Physicist Party which we hold approx. every month. Furthermore we organize theatre, football, lasertag and planetarium-visiting events for our students. Our presidency is a nice and productive group, whose members work well together and have a noble goal: to provide both a qualitative scientific background and an unforgettable public life for the physics students.


The Association for Physics in Debrecen (in short: DÖFI) has been founded in 2007 by the physics students of the MAFIHE Local Comittee in Debrecen. It organizes a wide range of activities. During school year the physics and electrical engineering students can attend several events such as the freshmen initiation party or the physicist spring carneval party. We maintain contact with several Hungarian and international organizations (DE HÖK, EPS, EPS Young Minds), enabling students to build and enjoy a wide network of relations. Our physics themed competitions are usually open to people of every age. One of our main activities is the popularization of natural sciences and we are regular participants among science (Researchers’ Night, SEE Science, etc.) as well as Hungarian musical (Campus, EFOTT) festivals.


The BME Local Committee is a small, but enthusiastic group, who organises the Mafihe National Presenter Competition and the TDK Weekend. The Local Committee is the link between the BME and the Association, thus the most accessible advertising media for technology students. Every few years, the LC organises a T-shirt sale, only source for the physicist tees. Every semester there are pancake parties, competitions and occasional visits to interesting institutions (such as the Wigner Research Institute or the Planetarium), organised by this Local Committee.


The Pécs Local Committe of the Hungarian Association of Physics Students (Mafihe) has been founded in 2014, thanks to a few eager students and the support from Mafihe. So the Pécs LC is the youngest ‘child’ in the Mafihe family but in no way are we less professional than the others – as we, too are full of enthusiasm and ideas. Our goal is to make the Pécs physics students meet outside of class, for them to partake in either professional or social programmes, and also to help create a tenacious and helpful community within the University of Pécs.


Our semester starts by organizing a tour of the university buildings, rooms and the library right after the enrollment. On the first week, we organise an event called „Do Not Panic Thursday”, where the freshmen can get to know one another, as well as the seniors. On the second week, the „freshman inauguratory barbecue” will happen, where the freshmen will take their oaths.
Three times a semester we hold our long-standing tearoom event, where we invite teachers to present their fields of research to us. It is in the spring semester when we usually organize the Great Weekend of Szeged for our students, which is visited by physics students from multiple local committees, as well as providing several different programmes. During the semester, there are multiple occasions for relaxing social events, and a Physicist Table Football Championship. We place great emphasis on sports, the students can join our basketball and football teams as well.